Asbestos and Lead Free Homes

Albany NY Mold Remediation

T.J. Bell Environmental provides residential and commercial black mold, asbestos and lead removal services.

T.J. Bell Environmental, Inc. specializes in mold, asbestos and lead abatement services throughout Albany and the Capital Region. As a family owned and operated business in Averill Park, NY, we follow the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations to ensure you are safe in your home or business. With over 50 years of combined experience, our certified specialists are ready to help bring remediation to your mold, asbestos or lead problem. Our goal is to deliver the best services at a price that won't leave you broke. Asbestos Upn Close View

The safety of you, your family, pets, employees and customers is the utmost priority to our team. Serious health risks are associated with toxic mold, lead and asbestos. Some common symptoms include pulmonary hemorrhages, nose bleeds, immune system suppression and hair loss. Call us immediately if you think your property is infested so we can resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Besides being a health concern, mold also causes structural damage. It deteriorates buildings and produces allergens and irritants as it decomposes. Mold needs moisture to grow so you may have an improper drainage system, leaking roof or broken pipe. We have trained technicians and the proper equipment and expertise to remediate mold infestation.

Do you have a potentially hazardous lead or asbestos issue? Toxic environments can exist hidden in or outside near any home or business. It's important to have residential and commercial spaces tested for such toxins and have them properly removed if necessary.

At T.J. Bell Environmental, Inc., we understand how hazardous mold, lead and asbestos are for your health. Immediate action is necessary to prevent the spread of toxic mold, asbestos or lead. Contact our remediation and encapsulation experts today for a free estimate!

Call T.J. Bell Environmental, Inc. today at 518-339-0060 or 1-800-465-6825!

Service Areas Include: The Capital Region, Averill Park, Albany, Gloversville, Schoharie NY